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Table Tennis Table Stability
The tables commonly available through mass market retailers lack the proper design and support to allow the table to hold together very long before loosening and collapsing. Call us to go over your intended usage and we will help evaluate what table model would best work for you.

Table Tennis Table Warpage
Warping of table tennis table tops can be a common problem. There needs to be enough built-in resistance to warpage for your environment and usage. Call us to go over your intended usage and we will help you select the model that most suits your needs with the highest resistance to warping.

Why Most Paddles Do Not Work Well
Other paddles (especially those that come packaged with table tennis tables) will not produce any real topspin. This lack of topspin causes the ball to sail off the end of the table.

Panda Kill Shot Paddles (free with tables) at $23.95 Reg. Perform Well
 Panda Kill Shot will produce the topspin you need to make your offensive shots break down onto the table after crossing
the net

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