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Table Tennis Accessories-Racket Protection

Table Tennis Paddle Cases

Certain items are shipped without a shipping charge if the order total is more than $40.00. Orders less than $40.00 have a shipping charge of $4.00. Certain items have a shipping cost even if the total order is more than $40.00. Shipping cost for such items are indicated on web page with item price.

Stiga Single Case $10.95

PANDA O-Case $13.95


Panda table tennis racket(paddle) case.

  Has a 3 ball pocket with zipper on the reverse  of logo side. 
TSP 1 Paddle Case $15.95

TSP 2 Paddle Case $24.95


TSP rectangular case for 1 paddle

With hollow plastic cradle. Has enough room for TSP rubber cleaner. Available in black.

Paddle Care Supplies

TSP Spray Rubber Cleaner $15.95

Rubber Protector Sheet $3.00

TSP Pips Out Cleaner $14.00

TSP Pips Out Brush

TSP Mr. Wipes
TSP foam table tennis rubber cleaner.
TSP  table tennis rubber protector sheet.
TSP pips out table tennis rubber cleaner.

TSP pips out table tennis rubber cleaning brush.


A  Spray cleaner that will maximize spin without damaging your rubber

A thick vinyl sheet that will cover both sides of paddle and keep the rubber sticky. also adds to rubber longevity. Quantity: 110 ml
A very fast drying pips out cleaner that will clean the pip tips allowing for the maximum speed and control

This brush is designed to clean dirt from the texture on the tops of your pips out rubber.

Fine sponge excellent for rubber cleaning.

Paddle Making Supplies

TSP Rubber Glue $3.49

TSP Noriko Clean Speed Glue $15.95

 TSP Side Tapes $2.50

TSP Rubber Roller $11.95

TSP table tennis rubber glue.


TSP Noriko clean table tennis rubber speed glue.

TSP table tennis racket side tape.
TSP table tennis rubber roller.

Quantity: 35ml Tube-enough for 2 Rubber Sheets

Quantity: 250ml  Width:9mm
Colors: Black, Red/Black. Red Misc. Neon colors pictured above
Size:17.25cm Long. Allows you to uniformly roll your rubber onto blade.

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