Playback & Storage Position

Roll-Away & Storage Positions: Roll –Away table tennis tables usually have the halves of the table attached to a center frame with wheels allowing quick set-up and fold up for storage. It is important for long term chassis durability that the wheels on each side of the table have adequate connections between them to maintain stability. It is the wheels and whatever connects that will need to support the weight of the entire table tennis table when it is folded up for storage. Without adequate connections between the wheels, the legs and the whole chassis will loosen causing the legs to wobble and overall chassis to loosen. It is very important that the chassis have enough connections to provide an overall strength; some Roll-A-ways have 4 wheels on each side allowing each half to be rolled away separately.

Playback Demonstration

Playback feature: Some tables can be used by one player alone for practice by raising one half of the table to the storage position to be used as a practice backboard.  Some tables have a gap between the folded up side and the net when folded up for the playback. Such a gap will cause you to have to hit the ball hard enough to clear the gap which will cause the ball to go off the end a lot. With a gap the trajectory of your shots is limited also, and in many ways not like playing regular table tennis. Some tables will allow the folded up table half to fold flat against the net which will allow normal play. Children like the playback feature. A gap-less playback with a lighter weight (for easier fold up) can be a more useful table for a home with children.  

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