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Table Tennis Highlight DVDs

Table Tennis Beyond Imagination! DVD
$33.95 Plus Shipping*

The Best of the Best Table Tennis Highlights from over 500 hours
of footage of world-class competition
including previous highlight video classics

Unique Shot Segments
All-out attacking and counter-attacking... Devastating backhand swat kills... Diving returns... Back-to-the-barrier acrobatic retrieving.. Wicked hook-around-the-net shots... Plus the most unusual moments!

Top 40 Points
Countdown of the Top 10! Slo-mo replay of nearly every point!

Special feature ...Sweden vs. China
the decades-long rivalry beaten the Titans of Team Table Tennis.



More From The Wonderful World of Table Tennis DVD
Price $32.95 Plus Shipping*

The sequel to the classic best - seller "The wonderful & Wacky World of Table Tennis"

More from tThe Wacky World of Table Tennis  video tape package.



                       The Two-Hour Ultimate Highlight and Training Tape
                       Enjoy the Most Exciting Moments of Recent Competition
If you thought as others did that the "Wonderful and Wacky" tape was the best table tennis tape ever, be prepared to enjoy yourself even more with this all new collection of exciting highlights from the past four years of premier international tournaments. the picture quality is great, the camera angles provide the best points of view, and the slo-mos enhance the action even further.
                      Study the Techniques of the Worlds super Stars in Action!
If you're a player, this video is designed not only to excite and amaze you, but also to help you improve your game. this tape is organized into segments focusing on the styles and specific techniques of champions who act as your role models Choose the players you wish to their footwork closely in slow motion as they always seem to be in the right position...get the feel of their timing and racket angle as they hit that unreturnable shot...or return that unreturnable shot....all while participating in actual world-level competition! If you're a coach....whether or not your trainees ever have a chance to achieve the status of Saive, Waldner or Deng Yaping, it's sure to help if they study this unique video library showing the very best in the game doing it right......just the way you've been trying to teach them all along!

Study Segment Feature:

SERVICE BUSINESS - Close ups and slow-motion of the best servers in the game.
MOMENTS IN THE SUN - Vladmir Samsonov, Peter Karlsson & Thoms Von Scheele, Peter Franz, Andras Podpinka, Paul Haldan, Yu Sun Bok, Marie Svensson
CONTROL SPINNERS - Mikael Appelgren, Andrzej Grubba, Qiao Hong
POWER SPINNERS - Jorg Rosskopf, Steffen Fetzner, Jorgen Persson, Ma Wenge, Wang Tao, Yoo Nam Kyu, Kim Taek Soo
BLOCK AND SMASH - Deng Yaping, Hyun Jung Hwa, Carl Prean, Zoran Kalinic, ding Yi, Johnny Huang, Toshio Tazaki, Rika Satch,Chai Po Wa
COUNTER DRIVE - Li Bun Hui, Otilla Badescu, Gerde Keen, Nicole Struse
THE DEFENDERS - Li Gun Sang, Hiroshi Shibutani, Wang Hao, Chen Xinhua, Matthew Syed

Blooper segment Features:

Enjoy segments of unique and hilarious moments edited in our Reflex Sports inimitable style to leave you with a smile: "Swing and Miss" "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", Circus atmosphere", "Don't Do This", Candid Coaching", "Racket Ricochets", "Ups And Downs","Nets And Edges", "Jump for Joy"

 The Wonderful Wacky World of Table Tennis The Original  Highlight DVD
Price $24.95 Plus Shipping*

Wonderful Wacky world of Table Tennis video tape package.


Study the table tennis superstars at their best.... 
Choose the style of play you would like to emulate from the segments organized 
by style of play, smile at the segments of wacky, candid happenings...then introduce your friends to the sport with this amazing collection of "you won't believe your eyes classics"

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