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The Official Rules of Table Tennis

The Official Rules Of Table Tennis - The Official Rules as produced by The U.S.  Affiliate of the World Governing Body of the Sport.

This official set of rules as written by the governing bodies of the sport is designed for use by those who are involved in  the administration of sanctioned competitions and serious competitive players.

If you are looking for rules that are more quickly understood by recreational players, you will want to view our quick reference rules.  Go to our Quick Reference Rules of Table Tennis

Click on the following links to access a particular Official Rule of Table Tennis
The Table
The Net Assembly
The Ball
The Racket
A Good Return
The Order Of Play
A Let
A Point
A Game
A Match
The Choice Of Ends And Serves 
Out Of Order Play
The Expedite System
Disabled Competition
Wheelchair Rules
Playing Conditions
Match Officials

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